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Dublin's best & most exciting garden shops: located in Monkstown, Dundrum & Dunboyne, Co Meath.  Bare root trees, shrubs & hedge plants: order now.

Shrubs view all »

Luma apiculata (Myrtus luma)
Myrtus communis subsp. tarentina
'Royal Purple' smoke bush

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HugRug barrier mats (runners)
Kiln dried logs, 30 litre bags
'No junk mail please'

Bare root & hedging view all »

Spiraea 'Arguta'
Carpinus betulus
Crataegus monogyna

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(Art no. 3660)
(Art no. P00385-1B)
(Art no P00358-1)

Outdoor living view all »

Picnic hamper 'Montmartre'
'Campagne' hamper

Wildlife view all »

Chavenage bat box

Climbers view all »

Lonicera periclymenum 'Graham Thomas'
Vitis coignetiae
Parthenocissus henryana

Furniture view all »

Ethimo 'Flower' armchair
Solar Globe light
Folding deck chair with arms

Garden storage view all »

Biohort 'AvantGarde'
Biohort garden storage shed Dublin
Biohort 'Equipment locker'