Windbreak net 120cms high

Monofilament windbreak netting: 50m x 1.2m

Price: €75.00

Windbreak netting is an easy way to protect newly-planted hedges from wind: important in a windy country like Ireland.

Erected along the windward side of a new plantings, this wind netting is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Fully UV stable, resulting in a high strength, tear resistant, protective material. It has a density of 50%, considered ideal as greater densities create turbulence and are prone to damage in high winds. At 120 cms tall, it is suitable for young hedges, including most of the bare root plants which we sell at between 60-90cms. Also suitable for shading conservatories, greenhouses & polytunnels, this netting can also protect plants from frost or strong sunlight. It incorporates sewn eyelets for easy fixing. Fix to wooden 5 foot tall fence posts, and to galvanised wire for extra support. Be sure to erect it on the windward side of the posts. Colour - Green. Dimensions: 50 m long x 1.2 m high. Other windbreak fences available... Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.  (M, A)