Screened topsoil

Topsoil: top quality screened topsoil (1 ton bags)

Price: €65.00
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Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow or Kildare.

Top quality screened topsoil - fast and efficient delivery.  Free from large stones or roots, this topsoil is from fertile agricultural land as is not from recycled material. It has been stored in dry conditions, so is easy to work with. We have a fast and reliable delivery service. Having it in a one ton bag means it can be cleanly and quickly delivered to your home - it can be left on a pavement or parking area without creating a mess. Screened topsoil means that stones and roots larger than 2.5 cms have been removed via a screening mechanism, and you won't have large clods to break up or other debris to remove. We cannot guarantee however that it is totally weed or root free. It has been stored under cover and can be dry or dusty when delivered. Easy to plant into, but do not handle when wet. One ton of topsoil is sufficient to cover an area of approximately 15 square metres to a depth of 5 cms.

Delivery charge of €30.00, which is applied once to any heavy / bulky order, regardless of the size of the order.

Price is per 1 ton bag - this is approximately 0.7 - 0.9 of a cubic metre, depending on moisture level.