• Double headed hoe by DeWit tools
  • Double headed hoe by DeWit tools
  • Double headed hoe by DeWit tools
(Art no. 3083)

Double headed hoe by DeWit tools

Price: €29.00

A double-headed hand-hoe suitable for cultivating, aerating, weeding: a most useful garding tool and one that we find ourselves using frequently. Similar to the Chillington double-headed hand-hoe and equal - if not superior - in strength. For professional gardeners and gardening enthusiasts. Made from carbon steel and then burnished; this not only helps to protect the steel for longer but gives it a handsome patina. DeWit tools use handles of turned and oiled ash. As well as being very strong, ash resists shock better than woods like oak or beech.

  • Suitable for cultivating, aerating, weeding, digging and chopping roots.
  • 40cm ash wood hand-grip.
  • The head is made from burnished Boron-steel to give a lifetime of gardening pleasure.
  • Head: 22cm x 6cm
  • Lifetime guarantee

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