Howbert & Mays (Anthea Howbert & Tig Mays) started out designing and planting gardens in 2002, and have stayed active as garden designers over the years. Since establishing its Monkstown shop in 2012, the business has grown to include two additional shops in Dundrum, Co Dublin and Dunboyne, Co Meath. Assisted by excellent staff, our philosophy is to sell only the plants we love and the very best quality products: plants that are healthy, well-chosen, diverse and suitable for the Irish climate; and products that are well made and functional. Their is a strong emphasis on respect for soil, wildlife and the natural environment. The vast majority of our outdoor plants are grown in nurseries around Ireland, meaning that they are fresher, hardier and with less miles behind them.


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the delivery charge?
    • Standard delivery charge is €9.95 per order nationwide, including Northern Ireland. Your order can be as large or small as you wish for this one charge.
    • Bulky items delivery charge is €30.00 per order. Bulky items includes items such as topsoil, bark mulch, rollout lawn etc. Only available in counties Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare and Meath.
    • Some items are posted free of charge, eg smaller items such as spare blades for secateurs, Showa gloves etc.
    • Heavy items purchased in our shop (ie large flower pots, bamboos, furniture) can be delivered locally for €9.95 and elsewhere in the Dublin area for €30.00.
    • We can also ship pallets of plants to the UK for a very reasonable price. Please contact us for details.
  • How do we deliver? 
    • We generally use DPD couriers. We use a specialist contractor to deliver bulky loads such as bark mulch and topsoil. We send out an email or give you a call to alert you when you will be receiving your order. In the case of a bulk delivery you will be contacted in advance by the delivery driver to arrange a convenient time and day with you.
  • Do we ship to the U.K and abroad?
    • Yes we do, for many but not all items. Shipping to the U.K. costs approximately €15 for a large parcel eg a number of garden tools or even a wheelbarrow! We can and do ship pallets of plants to anywhere in the UK for a reasonable price. A great deal of plants fit into a pallet, and our weak Euro combined with lower plant prices in Ireland can make buying Irish plants a very realistic option. Please contact us for current pallet prices.
  • After placing my order, how long does it take to be delivered? 
    • Orders take varying lengths of time to deliver. Generally delivery times vary between 2-3 days for items which are in stock and for bulk landcape items such as topsoil or roll out grass. For orders containing plants please allow up to two weeks as we may need to order in some plants from the grower. Some items such as the Biohort garden storage can take up to 28 days. We try to keep people updated if there is any delay in fulfilling their order.
  • Is everything that is shown on this website available in our shop?
    • We have a very big selection of items in our shop, but we cannot have everything in stock all of the time. Some items may have temporarily sold out or may not be stored in our shop. If you have a question about availability, please contact us.
  • My online order status says 'Completed' but I haven't received anything yet. Why is this? 
    • When you check your order status, 'Completed' refers to the order being successfully submitted through our website and payment having been processed. We don't receive the funds at the time of the transaction although they are debited from your card.
  • If I pay for an order but it is not available, how am I refunded? 
    • When we receive an order it may be that a certain item is not available and we re nt able to source it. At this point we refund you via Realex or PayPal, whichever your order was paid with.
  • Do we store your credit or debit card details?
    • No. Our orders are processed by Realex or PayPal so the transaction happns on a 100% secure page which is not on our website at all. We have no access to your card details.


  • Can we deliver at weekends or after hours? 
    •  Couriers do not deliver at weekends. We can on occasion deliver bulk landscape items on a Saturday (eg roll-out grass, topsoil), but only by prior arrangement.
  • Where are we based? 
    • Our address is: Howbert and Mays Gardens, 27-28 The Crescent, Monkstown, Co Dublin. Our shop is open 7 days a week, 10.00 am to 5.30pm, and12.30pm - 5.00pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays.
  • Are the plants high of a high quality and good size? 
    • Our plant turnover is very fast and our plants are always fresh from the grower and in tip-top condition. Our plants are grown by the many of the same growers who supply garden centres all over Ireland. Most growers have specialities, and we buy plants that reflect the strengths of individual growers. We have been dealing with these growers for many years and are 100% satisfied with the quality of everything we sell. Most perennials are in 2 litre containers; most shrubs are in 2-5 L itre containers; most bamboos are in 7-15 litre containers; most trees are in 10 - 12 L containers. These sizes are indicative - please see individual plant listing for details.
  • Where do we get our plants from? 
    • The majority of our plants are Irish grown. Irish-grown plants are superior to imported ones because they are already acclimatised to the vagaries of our weather, support skilled Irish jobs and have the least 'plant miles' behind them. In some cases, where Irish grown plants are not available, we do sell imported plants. 
  • Are we competitively priced? 
    • Yes we are. When you have a website your prices can be easily compared and need to be competitive. Keep in mind that we sell well-established, high quality plants and gardening supplies which are generally more expensive than those of an inferior quality.