Artstone Plant Pot: 'Claire'

Price: €2.95
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A cheery pot for your home or garden. These pot are made of the same quality materials as the rest of the collection and have the unique drainage system found in the larger pots. 

  • Long lasting, hardy, non-fading and frost-resistant.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, thanks to a unique resevoir system and removable plug hole.
  • Ecofriendly, recyclable materials.
  • Beautiful colour and texture.

Available in 9 sizes and 8 colours. Not all sizes are available in all colours. 

Colours available: Eucalyptus/grey green, Terracotta, Pink, Black, Azure blue/green, Lime green, Grape/Purple, Grey

Sizes available (all dimensions in cms): 8x9cm, 10x11cm, 12x13cm 13x14cm, 17x15cm, 22x20cm, 27x24cm, 32x29cm, 37x34cm, 43x39cm, 47x47cm. (Width x height)

Prices from €2.95 to €125.

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