Certified organic peat free manure (60 bags)

Gee-up manure / soil improver (60 bags)

Price: €295.00
Certified organic horse manure: the perfect mulch or soil improver for your garden: FREE nationwide delivery. Odorlous, weed free and beautifully textured, 'Gee-up' acts as a soil improver, mulch or fertiliser. It stabilises soil temperatures, keeps down weeds, looks great, prevents evaporation and increases fertility. Perfect for reviving dry, dusty or infertile soil, and useful for city gardens where soil requires additional organic matter. It is one of the best sources of nutrients and humus. Dark brown, friable, weed-free and odourless. Mix with potting compost in pots and containers.

"It's lovely stuff, doesn't smell of manure, is pleasant to touch, satisfying to use and adds instant texture, life and bulk to poor, thin and neglected soils." Helen Rock, Sunday Tribune

Please note, price is for 60 x 40 L bags. Free nationwide delivery. Individual bags are available in our shops.