Green Cone accelerator (3 sachets)

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It is important to add accelerator powder regularly to your Green Cone. This ensures that a healthy, active bacterial population is maintained at all times and that your food waste is broken down quickly. We recommend a couple of shakes into your kitchen caddy each time it is emptied. The accelarator powder is basically a fertiliser for the bacteria. These bacteria accelerate the speed at which waste material is broken down. They do this by producing enzymes, which digest the different components of the waste, allowing the bacteria to absorb the waste as food and eventually convert it into CO2 and water. Ensures the degradation process is working. 60 gms sachet is suitable for approx 4-6 months. Delivery is included in the price. Price per sachet in our shop is €7.95. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.