Berger sheers 4490

Garden shears (235 mm blade)

Price: €79.00

Cutting a hedge can be the pleasure it used to be - silent and peaceful. Sturdy, solid and very strong, these garden shears are made by Berger near Solingen in Germany - a family company specialising in steel garden cutting tools. They are the very best available: high-grade forged steel blades with chromium-plating; joint-friendly shock-absorbers; beech-wood handles with a solid connection from cutting head. Suitable for trimming hedges, grass or larger topiary. A real pleasure to use and designed for a lifetime of hard work. Specificattions: blade length 235mm; total length 540 mm; weight 1020 gms; chromium-plated drop-forged steel with solid beech wood handles. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.