'Health Mix' for box plants, 10 pack

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Wonder why your box plants turn brown or yellow, or even die? Box plants (Buxus) are sadly being affected by an easily treated condition called 'box blight''Health Mix' is a blend of minerals that is specifically formulated to feed box plants and treat box blight. Simple to use, it is a foliar spray, which is 100% effective in stopping fungal disease in box plants.  This fertiliser comes in handy tablets, which should be dissolved in one litre of water and then sprayed onto the plants. It should be applied at the first sign of box blight, and also onto healthy foliage on all other box plants where it acts as a feed and protection against blight. It can be applied 3-5 times per year (March to October) and will keep your box plants in perfect condition. One tablet, dissolved in water, is sufficient to treat 10 square metres of plants. Tub of ten treatments.