Back Garden in Dublin 4

Back garden in Dublin 4

This is a project that we designed, constructed and planted. The house changed hands and the new owners wanted a garden that would be a big part of their kitchen, a room with windows and doors looking straight into the garden. The rectangular garden had an attractive granite wall, sensitively restored with lime mortar, running down both sides. In our design proposal, we didn't want to take light from neighbours, but we did want to creat some height, so we chose a framework of box-clipped Lime trees (Tillia). Underneath we chose a strong pattern for the shape of the beds, something that would create a sense of drama from inside and allow for a large variety of planting: the owner wanted a really colourful and vibrant display in the summer and was quite happy for it to be less dramatic over the winter. Our planting scheme used Buxus, Cercis 'Forest Pansy', Fargesia robusta and Ilex aquifolium 'Silver Queen' as the main structural plants; Echium, Hydrangea 'Limelight', Lavatera etc as medium-sized plants' and showy borders of Verbena, Catananche, Lysimachia, Delphinium, Salvia, Hemerocallis, Dierama, Phlox and Francoa.

garden plan Dublin  

Initial sketches show the proposed layout and give the client an idea of what the garden would look like.

Just after the first clean-up

During work in the house the garden was used as a store. Granite walls were repointed. When we first saw the garden it was overgrown and had nothing of merit in it.

Mature standard clipped lime trees beind delivered to Dublin 4 Garden

Mature root-balled lime trees delivered to the site. These were...... heavy!

Starting work after preparing soil

Many tons of new soil and compost adjusted levels. The edging is a double row of salvaged street cobbles. An old roller - found and kept onsite - was used to get the ground perfectly level before rolling out the lawn.


The lime trees are in, the site is prepared and ready for 'greening'.

First plants go in

Some of the early 'structural' plants are in situ: Buxus, lavender, Cercis 'Forest Pansy' and climbers.

The lawn goes down

Laying the lawn: this is the same high quality grass lawn that we also sell online.

The first year

Settling in after planting; the lawn has knitted together.

The planting is flling in

From above; the double border of salvaged granite cobbles gives the lawn definition and eases maintenance.

By the second summer the garden has really settled in. It is well maintained by the owner.

Summer 2013

We're all happy with how things turned out!