City Park, Dublin - Fitzwilliam Square

For over ten years we worked on re-planting and refreshing the extensive gardens of Fitzwilliam Square. This included creating new planing areas in the boundaries, thinning trees and shrubs and a programme of replanting that will keep the park in good shape for generations to come. Our work included researching the original planting plans from the late 18th and early 19th centuries and, inconjunction with the management committee, implementing the planting work. During this period we brought the park from a very neglected state to very good condition. It is the only park in Dublin with the original layout, materials and planting, so everything we did was in keeping with this.

These photographs show areas before, during and after we worked on them and carried out planting.

Paths are infested with moss after years and years of weedkilling. The decaying organic matter created by weedkiller breaks down and is the ideal medium for moss and more weeds.

One of our favourite combinations: Stipa 'Pony Tails' (grass); Anthemis 'E.C. Buxton (yellow); Nepeta 'Six Hills' Giant'; and Scabiosa caucasica. It has a long flowering season, is exceptionally resilient, and has a beautiful muted, faded pallet. Other plants in this bed include 'Astelia 'Silver Spear', Salvia 'Ostfriesland' and Eryngium.

Eryngium alpinum (Sea holly), in the same bed.

Scabiosa caucasica (centre), Anthemis 'E.C. Buxton' (yellow) and Salvia 'Ostfriesland' (purple-blue spires)


Echium pinaniana in a forest of self-sown plants by the North gate.