DeWit Garden Tools

November 2014 Our goal is to only stock and sell things that are well made, work properly and last a lifetime. DeWit garden tools fit into this category perfectly, which is why we have a big selection of them in our shop and online, and why we can sell them in the knowledge that they will go out into the world and do their job. Hand made in  Holland, they are practical, sturdy, traditonal yet innovative.

garden tools ireland.jpg

They feel great in the hand and have obvious attention to detail such as beautifully bevelled edges on the trowels, sturdy ash handles and chunky, tough metalwork, often forged from a single piece of carbon steel. Nicely, DeWit is owned and run by the fourth generation of DeWits. Where many smaller, family-run businesses have disappeared, it is heartening that some can survive and thrive and still make their tools in the same place. Their selection of garden hand tools is dizzying, so we have a selection of approximately 50 trowels, spades, bulb planters, hoes, axes, forks, bulb planters and so on.

Having read about them online and seen them at trade fairs, we decided that we would prefer to sell garden tools that were really top quality; that would work well and also last for a lifetime. Sure, how many tools will you sell to the same person if what they buy never breaks? Fewer than if they had to be constantly replaced. On the other hand, there is nothing more annoying than a fork with a bendy tine, a trowel with a rattly handle or a spade that snaps when you try to dig up a particularly heavy sod. To complement the DeWit garden tools we also supply Felco secateurs and pruning saws, Showa garden gloves, Burgon and Ball topiary and hedge shears and all sorts of other top-of-the range garden tools and gadgets. Most of these tools are online on the website, but if there is something you are looking for that you don't see, please contact us. Nationwide delivery. Browse the range.