The best gift for gardeners - give them a 'dyg'

Give a gardening gift - the perfect gift for gardeners in IrelandLooking for a gift for a friend who loves gardening, but don't know what to give them? Living abroad and want to get a gift for someone  in Ireland who loves gardening?

DYG has the best gardening gifts in Ireland. An entire website devoted to quality gardening products, from plants and seeds to pots and composts....... and, easiest of all, a garden gift voucher.

Available in different amounts, you can purchase a voucher which is then credited to the account of the person to whom it is gifted. We automatically send them an email, and this will have your message on it and instructions of how to access their account. They can simply log into the account that you have created and the amount you have given will be there in their account, ready for them to use. There is no expiry and they can top it up with their own funds if necessary.

Alternatively, if you know what you want to give, you can place an order with us and select whatever delivery address you want to.  Along with plants, popular gifts include tools such as the classic watering cans from Haws, our Chikamasa secateurs, which are unique to dyg in Ireland, and our selection of high quality spades and hoes from Sneeboer and Chillington. Buy a dyg garden centre gift voucher...