DeWit tools May 2019

Dewit Howbert and Mays.jpg

We have topped up our range of DeWit garden tools this week. They are well made, work properly and last a liftetime. We have a big selection of them in our shops and online, and we sell them in the knowledge that they will go out into the world and do their job. Hand made in  Holland, they are practical, sturdy, traditonal yet innovative. You can browse the range here. 

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New stock Airfield 5th May 2019

Airfield May.jpg

Just before the bank holiday weekend we stocked up with different shrub and tree suppliers. Here's some of the plants we got in. Looking particularly lovely are the three types of smoke bushes, which are just coming into leaf, as well as two different types of Heavenly Bamboo. 

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New stock Monkstown 5 May 2019

Monkstown 55.jpg

The May Bank Holiday weekend is always a busy weekend for us, with the weather being on the warm side we were run off our feet. Luckily we were prepared and got lots of plants in from a nursery in County Kildare. This included:

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New stock Airfield 17 April 2019


We received a large order of roses into our Airfield shop late last week. They are all grown in North county Dublin. 

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New stock Monkstown 5 April 2019


This week in our Monkstown shop we received two deliveries. One of shrubs and Agapanthus and the other from a nursery in Limerick with lots of perennial plants. Looking good this week are the Coronilla glauca 'Citrina', Choisya 'White Dazzler and Exochorda which are all in bloom at the moment, as well as hellebores, Geum 'Mrs. Bradshaw', Euphorbia martinii, Leucanthemum and cornflowers. 

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