Our garden centre in Dunboyne, Co Meath

Our new garden centre in Airfield, Dundrum

Opening spring 2017: Shop No 2

January 2017: this spring we will be opening a second shop. It will be located in the former Plantagen garden centre off the M3 near Dunboyne, Co Meath. This is only a few minutes drive past Blanchardstown and approximately 10 mins off the M50 / 25 minutes from Dublin city centre.

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Indoor plants

As the summer finally ends, it's time to stay indoors and make our homes as beautiful and green as we can. House plants bring life to the home. They clean the air too, as many studies have shown. We sell an ever-changing selection of indoor plants, from tiny succulents to big foliage plants. We also have a fabulous selection of indoor pots, pot holders and saucers, as well as speciality feeds and potions. Here's a selection of plants from our shop.

money plant.jpg

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What we don't sell

What's missing is often as important as what's present. Food is free from gluten, sweeteners, dairy.  Pubs are free from smoke, live sports or canned music. Television shows are free from sex, drugs or bad language. Garden centres should be no exception, and in our opinion there are some nasty things that they too should be 'free from'.

shop interior night.jpg

Here is our top five 'free-from' list: 

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