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Our new garden centre in Monkstown, Co Dublin

Opening  23rd April 2012: our new garden centre in Monkstown, Co Dublin

Planning the new shopfront
Up until now, our garden centre has been selling online only. For some, buying plants or tools online can be somewhat nerve-wracking: say if the quality is bad, the plants are tiny, or they get damaged in transit? These are all questions that people have. Many people want to see, feel and smell before they purchase, and there can be something fun about browsing through a garden centre.

A few weeks ago we were in Monkstown and saw a 'TO LET' sign on the old Action Hire premises on The Crescent, Monkstown. What really caught our eye was the large yard beside the premises, enclosed by lovely high granite walls and with a door leading into the shop beside it. This was the perfect space for a compact garden centre, with plenty of room for a wide selection of plants, as well as great interior space for tools, seeds and other gardening supplies. We are now only a couple of weeks away from opening, and we are really excited. The online business (DYG) will operate from here, so all of the products and plants that we sell will be available to browse or purchase in the shop. We'll also have items that don't make it onto the website or items that cannot be sent via courier such as pots, potting composts and larger plants.

Up until a couple of years ago, the Dun Laoghaire area had two excellent garden centres, Mackey's and Harry Byrne's. Each of these closed down when their site was sold for property development. Their demise left a real absence of a quality garden centre for this part of South Dublin. Our new garden centre is for those who love gardens and gardening: a select range of plants, including the unusual and hard-to-find plants; quality gardening tools which are designed to last for years and be a pleasure when in use; gardening supplies such as seaweed fertilisers, natural insecticides and peat-free composts; and outdoor accessories such as traditional deck chairs, hammocks and garden games. We specialise in Irish-grown plants; these have the advantage of fewer 'plant miles', better hardiness to our fluctuating climate and supporting our horticultural industry.

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Early days

The Yard.

Interior - all of the partition walls are still in situ.

Work in progress week 2

New window into the yard

Our new window gives an excellent view into the outdoor sales area from inside.

Anthea with Seaa Daly, wall builder supremo

Anthea with Sean Daly, the best wall builder and general stone person that we know.

 Painting the interior

Painting the interior of the shop - the new counter is half built.... and it is NOT a bar!

 Week 4 - getting near the end.

Second layer of the new surface down in the yard: compacted Ballylusk dust over crushed recycled concrete.

Anthea and the landscaper checking out the new yard surface: one more layer to go.

 Week 5 - the last week

New signs just up

The sign is up: no turning back now. Endless discussions, drawings and plans for this and now it's here: very happy with it. The lettering was manufactured and erected by Baseline Signs. Very happy with them - unless the letters fall off!

Starting to look remarkably like a garden centre. With all the walls at different angles it took a bit of arranging to get this right.