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Why we should be buying Irish plants

bord na mona essen.jpg

Bord na Mona, selling off the last our peat bogs.

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Christmas trees coming out of our ears

December is dominated by one event in our shop: Christmas. In our shop, the most physically demanding part is selling Christmas trees - this year it wasn't made any easier by the never ending wind and rain.

our tree.jpg

Our own tree, Christmas 2014.

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A leafy treasure trove: the Irish Times visits our shop

Below is the full text from the Saturday Irish Times magazine , 3 May 2014, by Fionnuala Fallon. Photos by Richard Johnson.

Anthea Howbert Dublin.jpg

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All wrapped up

wrap mag .jpg

Selling stuff is fun, because as shopkeepers we get to search out and find the type of things that we would buy... if we were to buy anything, which we rarely do because we're too busy selling.

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Lots of pots

At this time of year we think a little more about the inside than the outside. And we start to think about indoor plants and how to house them. We sell lots of beautiful and unusual indoor plants, from small succulents to tall palms, and everything in between.

pots 13.jpg

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