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Late summer in our shop

We have had what we all wanted: an Indian Summer. The last couple of weeks of September were mainly dry and, after a less tha satisfactory summer, relatively warm. Our shop is looking lovely. Here is a mini-tour of inside and out:Glass pot holders.jpg

Glass pot holders-2.jpg

Glass vases and pot holders ina series of colours. Perfect for succulents or trailing plants.

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Trees and shrubs in the garden

Designing gardens and selling plants has taught us a little about the proportion of different types of plants contained in a garden. For example, a small or medium-sized suburban garden may have 2 or 3 trees, 10 or 12 shrubs, maybe a couple of bamboos, dozens of perennials, grasses and ferns and an infinite number of blades of grass. In other words, a garden will have a small number of big things and big number of small things.

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Garden chemicals: why not to use them

Ireland likes to think of itself as a 'green' place: green, as in the Johnny Cash song Forty Shades of Green, but also 'green' in the environmental sense.

weed-killed road edge dublin.jpg

A weed-killed grass verge in South County Dublin. Anywhere deemed difficult to mow is weed-killed.

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Springfree Trampoline prices Spring / Summer 2015

For the last five years we have been selling Springfree Trampolines throughout Ireland.

springfree logo.jpg

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Things that you bury that grow!

Now is the time of year to start planning ahead for your summer garden. We have an interesting selection of things that you bury that grow. Some you can eat and some are just beautiful. Gardening is a mixture of bread and circus. It would be terribly dull if it was all food and no flowers. On the other hand, we would be deprived of loveley fresh vegetables, fruit, salads and herbs if it was all flowers. So plant both.blue spuds.jpg


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