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What we don't sell

What's missing is often as important as what's present. Food is free from gluten, sweeteners, dairy.  Pubs are free from smoke, live sports or canned music. Television shows are free from sex, drugs or bad language. Garden centres should be no exception, and in our opinion there are some nasty things that they too should be 'free from'.

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Here is our top five 'free-from' list: 

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Busy May

Hangin' out with my buds

This April, it feels like we have been waiting a very long time for the emergence of leaves. With leaves, the world is a greener, prettier place. The winter months appear to extend from November until April, and even April is a bit of a disappointment: Where are the leaves? At last, we see early signs of them. This year, the nights are cold and there are cold winds from the north and easterly breezes from the Irish Sea. At last, today, the 21st of April, there are some real signs of life emerging. These photos are taken in our garden in the mountains behind Ashford.

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Bare root plants - free to the best home

Bare root season is pretty well over, and we have a lovely selection of remaining bare bare root plants that we would like to GIVE to a good home. Tell us how you will use them, and we'll post them out, anywhere in Ireland. We'll decide who is the most deserving, based on what you tell us.

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Why we should be buying Irish plants

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Bord na Mona, selling off the last our peat bogs.

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