Carpinus betulus

Hornbeam (bare root 120-150cms)

Price: €3.80

Hornbeam makes an excellent hedge that can cope with heavy or damp soil better than beech. These plants are taller than most bare root plants and you may want to space them further apart than we normally recommend - up to 50 cms between plants is possible. Hornbeam copes well with difficult soils, including heavy or damp soils, and also polluted conditions. Hornbeam can withstand exposed sites, though beech is generally better than hornbeam right by the sea where leaves can be damaged by salt. As a hedge, we recommend planting 2-3 plants per metre. For a wider hedge, plant 4 plants per metre in two staggered rows (ie approx 50 cms between plants in 2 parrallel rows). Trim once a year in early summer or as required. Plant in sun or light shade and keep the ground free of weeds and grass while establishing - be careful not to damage the stem with strimmers or mowers.

  • 120-150 cms tall, will need light staking.
  • Well-established, bare root plants with good fibrous root system
  • Lower limbs can be removed over time to create a pleached hedge (ie hedge on legs)
  • November to March only. 

"In almost every respect, hornbeam makes a superior hedge to beech, particularly if you want to pleach or train it." Monty Don in The Guardian newspaper. See more hornbeam hedge images...

Note on delivery: Due to the labour and handling involved, bare root orders can take 3-4 weeks. We email you before delivery so that you will know when to expect delivery. Trees are carefully wrapped and are delivered via DPD couriers. Read more on bare root plants...