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Hornbeam Hedge Images /Buy hornbeam plants, Ireland

Hornbeams (Carpinus betulus) make particularly great hedges: beautiful green leaves leaves emerge in spring, darken throughout the year and turn yellow in autumn. They then turn russet for a couple of months before falling off, leaving a skeletal framework, and are extremely good at adapting to difficult soil types. As they mature, you can 'limb up' the stems (ie remove lower branches( so it becomes a 'hedge on legs'. If you plan on doing this, plants should be at least one metre apart. If you plan it to be a regular hedge, plant between three and five plants per metre. And remember, planting small will lead to faster growth and better survival rates. Hornbeam make a hedge comparable to beech but are more tolerant of damp or heavy soil. See our selection of bare root hedging plants, including Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus)

Hornbeam hedge in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham (IMMA), Dublin. Photo taken in early June.


Foliage, taken in early June, Dublin

Hornbeam maze, Seaforde, Co Down, taken in early April as leaves start to emerge.


Planting a bare-root hornbeam hedge, Innisbeg, Baltimore, West Cork. Note the bark mulch as well as the spacing approximately 30 cms apart.

Hornbeam hedge in West Cork, Ireland

The same hornbeam hedge after approximately 8 years.

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