Phyllostachys bissettii


Price: €29.00

This is perhaps the easiest and toughest bamboo for the Irish climate, even near the sea or in a windy spot. This trouble-free bamboo has green stems and narrow green leaves. Although vigorous, this plant is clump-forming rather than spreading (i.e. with underground runners). It makes a fine, fast-growing screen or specimen. This bamboo is particularly wind resistant and leaves show little signs of damage even after cold, drying winds. We have planted this plant only metres from the sea, and it has thrived there, unblemished, for many years. As with all bamboo, it requires moisture to establish, but is otherwise trouble-free. Planted this as a hedge, approximately two plants per linear metre, for almost instant cover, as shown in the photo. Canes are initially quite floppy, but will firm up after planting. 5ft tall in a 5L pot. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.