Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague'

Chamomile, Lawn chamomile

Price: €3.95

Perfect for a fragrant, no-mow chamomile lawn. This particular variety of chamomile,'Treneague', is a low-growing, non-flowering variety of chamomile which can be used to make a 'no mow' lawn, or be planted between cracks and gaps in paving. The plant will spread outwards and grow no more than 6 cms high. Once established, can have light foot traffic. Traditionally used to make chamomile tea - good for soothing the stomach and making a night-time drink. Plant in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Plant c. 12 - 15 plants per sq m to create a solid lawn. Patience is required while the plants grow together to form a solid mass. Weed well while establishing! 1L container. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.