Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder'

'Eddie's White Wonder' dogwood

Price: €64.95

A sensational small tree when in bloom - and very hard to get hold of.  Cornus 'Eddie's White Wonder' is a small, elegant tree with very large creamy-white four petalled flowers or bracts in late spring and early summer. 'Eddie's White Wonder' is one of the choicest dogwoods with the biggest and most prolific flowers. The leaves have great autumn colour too, making it a valuable plant that well deserves a place in the garden. Perfect for the smaller garden as it doesn't grow above four or five metres and is not wide-spreading. It prefers sun or dappled shade and soil that is moist but well-drained and has plenty of organic matter. Mulch with leaf-mould or garden compost once a year to keep the soil around it in perfect condition. 125-150 cms tall 7-10 litre pot. Please note, items displayed on this website are not always available in each of our shops.