Acer campestre

Field maple (bare root 60-90cms)

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The Field maple is a small tree which can be planted in hedgerows or be kept clipped to form a tidy hedge. It has small, maple-like leaves which turn yellow in autumn. It is resistant to cold and wind and is very suitable as a fast-growing  shelter-belt tree. It is often planted along roadsides because of its adaptability and relatively compact size - maximum height is 15-20 metres. Although sometimes regarded as a native tree, it is in fact native to Northern Europe and Southern England. It prefers moist, fertile soil and sun or light shade. Plant 2-3 plants per metre to form a hedge.

  • Bare root plants with a well-developed root system
  • 60-90 cms tall.
  • November to March only.

Note on delivery: Due to the labour and handling involved, bare root orders can take 3-4 weeks. We email you before delivery so that you will know when to expect delivery. Trees are carefully wrapped and are delivered via courier. Read more on bare root plants...