Viburnum opulus

Guelder rose, An Chaor Chon, bare root

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The Guelder rose is a vigorous native shrub with attractive leaves, flowers and berries. It is not actually a rose in an official sense. It has three-lobed green leaves, turning scarlet in autumn, and clusters of white flowers in early summer, followed by red berries. The berries are attractive to birds, making it ideal for wildlife gardens. Easy to grow in sun or shade, in most soils except waterlogged. It is best in a hedgerow or a woodland garden. A very attractive shrub with many seasons of interest throughout the year. 

  • Well rooted bare root plants. 
  • 40-60ms cms tall.
  • Available November to March only.

Please note: bare root plants are generally delivered within 3-7 working days. Read more about planting and storing bare root plants.