Crataegus monogyna

Hawthorn, Sceach Gheal (bare root 40-60cms)

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Plants with a certified Irish provenance. Hawthorn is a native Irish tree which hardly needs an introduction. Long associated with fairies, and traditionally left on its own in a field, or an essential hedgerow plant. Hawthorn is a resilient, pretty tree with masses of white flowers in May and a crop of berries in late summer. It grows in the most exposed of places, though this will naturally stunt its growth. In a garden setting, it is an upright, rounded small tree which can grow to a height and spread of up to 5 or 6 metres. In a hedgerow, hawthorn is kept clipped or layed to make a stockproof boundary. It can be planted on its own or it can be part of a mixed hedgerow along with other native plants such as Blackthorn, Dog rose and Holly.  Read more about hawthorn hedges.

  • Well-rooted bare root plants.
  • Certified Irish provenance
  • 60-90cms tall.
  • November to March only.

Note on delivery: Due to the labour and handling involved, bare root orders can take 3-4 weeks. We email you before delivery so that you will know when to expect delivery. Trees are carefully wrapped and are delivered via courier. Read more on bare root plants...