Magolia sieboldii

Magnolia, Chinese magnolia

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A rare magnolia which differs from most magnolias in a number of ways. Firstly, it flowers later than Magnolia soulangeana or Magnolia stellata. This means that the flowers appear when the plant is in leaf in May or early June. Secondly, the flowers hang down rather than point up, making the flowers most visible from below. Thirdly, the flowers are beautifully fragrant. The large flowers are pure white with a crimson interior. This is a beautiful plant, suitable for a medium sized to large garden in sun or light shade. Magnolias make excellent plants for city or suburban gardens. They grow to be small, multi-stemmed trees / large shrubs with a width and height of up to 6 metres after 20-30 years. Sturdy, plants 60-90 cms tall in a 5 litre container. (M)