Stipa arundinacea (syn. Anemanthele lessoniana)

Pheasant's tail grass

Price: €7.95

A very easy, very attractive evergreen grass native to New Zealand which performs well in the Irish climate - excellent for tricky spots, including dry shade. With its ever-moving leaves and airy flower stalks, it grows best in well-drained soils. Greener in the shade and more ochre in full sun, this grass combines particularly well with 'prairie' style perennials such as Achillea and Knautia. It is a good choice for a tricky part of the garden where other plants may have struggled.  Also good in pots and containers. The planting here is in a scheme by Martha Schwatz in Dublin's Grand Canal Dock. 2L container. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.