Dicksonia antarcticta

Tree fern

Price: €8.95

This fern grows like a tree, with enormous fronds coming from a woody trunk - great for a sheltered corner of the garden. It makes an impressive specimen, and can be bought as a younger plant or as a mature specimen. Ideal for a woodland garden, courtyard or any sheltered spot. They are hardy, but do not appreciate cold drying winds. Cut back old fronds in late spring, and water the stem as well as the trunk. Ideally, keep the stem and foliage moist, in particular while they get established. They grow exceptionally wel lin a container.  Tree ferns are native to Tasmania, but can grow very well in this climate, and can even naturalise in milder areas. Hardy, Irish-grown plants in a 2 litre container. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.