Lumpwood charcoal (50L bag)

Price: €20.00

Nothing matches real charcoal for flavour and aroma. Large 50 litre bag, sufficient for several barbeques. 100% traditional lumpwood, hardwood charcoal, with no additives and not compressed into 'briquettes'. Burns with high heat, and easily lit (use one firelighter or some twigs and newspaper). Wait for flames to die down and for glowing charcoal before cooking on it. This natural charcoal is made in the eastern Europe from hardwoods (mainly Alder) from FSC timber. It is free from all contimaminants, lighter fluids etc. Unfortunately, most charcoal sold in Ireland is made from tropical hardwoods, often from endangered forests, compressed and mixed with petroleum-based products into briquettes. Our charcoal is popular with chefs, and for use in charcoal cookers such as the 'Big Green Egg'.  50 litre bag. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.