Monkstown garden

This garden surrounds a lovely house overlooking the sea in Monkstown. Altough well cared for, there was hardly any colour: just lawns, some box hedging and near-empty beds. Furthermore, the new owners had renovated the main part of the house and added a modern extension, leaving some major level changes and planting to be addresses. Our work was three-fold: to fill in the empty beds with hardy, colourful, seaside-tolerant plants; to reconfigure the front area, which had previously been dominated by parking; and to make a whole new garden area around the modern extension.

Monkstown garden design 1.jpg

New steps link the lower level around the modern extension to the original gaden level. Granite walls and granite steps are softened by informal planting.

After back 2.jpgfront after 2.jpg

Seaside tolerant planting include perennial such as Salvia, Nepeta, Geranium, Eryngium, Agapanthus, Erigeron, Campanula; grasses such as Stipa, Helictotrichon, Miscanthus, Chionochloa, Libertia; shrubs such as Lavender, Convolvulus, Cistus, Carpenteria, Grevillea, Euphorbia.

monkstown garden design 3.jpg

Before and during photos show the scope of the job.

Before front 1.jpg

big view.jpg

front during.jpg

front during_0.jpg