City Gardens, Dublin

The city can be an urban jungle: so sometimes we interpret this very literally. When space is limited and the big wide world is loud, hard and grey, a garden can be a place that's different from all that: in the city more so than ever. Here are some of our city hideaways, where plants are the most important ingredient.

Back garden sandycove 1.JPG

Back garden sandycove 2.JPG

A small courtyard garden off a kitchen: a little sun trap which encourages indoors and outdoors to blend together - weather permitting.

Sean O'Casey_0.jpg



A small woodland garden at the Sean O'Casey Community Centre, right in the heart of the inner city. Despite the urban environment, we recreated an idealised native woodland in a number of small enclosed outdoor atriums.


Urban jungle.jpg

Wellington 1.jpg

Three pictures of a small back garden in Dublin 4: the high walls and shelter from houses can provide shelter for some very unusual and showy plants. This garden mixed unusual plants with clean limestone paving and a small area of lawn.

Anemone + Fritillaria.jpg

Aneone blanda 'Blue Shades' and Frittilaria meleagris growing in a shady corner.

Echium, Dublin.jpg

A grove of Echiums with ferns and groundcover plants beneath.

Fitz plants 1.jpg

A planting scheme for a sunny corner. For over ten years we looked after and developed the beautiful city centre park of Fitzwilliam Square in Dublin City Centre.

City garden, jungle planting.jpg

Bananas, tree fern, bamboos and colourful plants at eye level: a tiny garden off Merrion Square.