Island View

This house has great views of the sea - but the sea can also whip up a storm and make it tricky for some plants. When the owners renovated the house they added a very large extension, which meant that the garden had to be reorintated and pretty well completely overhauled. Stone walls were built to retain some very steep level changes, and a lower level, at the same level as the ground floor, was created with a lawn, paved terrace and beds. This means that the modern extension can open up onto this clean, bright space whilst the order part of the house still has its little winding paths and flower-filled woodland areas.

Dalkey garden 3.jpg

Looking down from the hillside: steps and terraces were built up a sheer granite face.

island view 6.jpg

Dalkey garden sea 4.jpg

Chionochloa flavicans: a fabulous grass from New Zealand that loves this climate. It's sadly very hard to get here.

Dalkey garden sea 1.jpg

Dalkey garden 2_0.jpg

Looking onto the main lawn through box hedge, mature bay standards and wide herbaceous borders.

Dalkey garden 3_0.jpg

island view 1.jpg

island view 2.jpg

Herbs growing through cobbles outside the kitchen window.

island view 3.jpg

The 'hillside' area is full of unusual ferns, grasses and flowers.

island view 5.jpg