Maytenus boaria

Mayten tree

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Maytenus is an unusual tree that should be more widely plantedin Ireland. Mature specimens in Fota, Cork and the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, show that it grows well here. We have one happily growing in a very large pot in Monkstown, Co Dublin, where it is much admired. We have also used it in some of the gardens we have designed and planted around Dublin, where it has been very successful. It is an evergreen tree with a weeping habit. The leaves are small and glossy. It is native to Chile and Argentina where it is frequently used as an urban or suburban tree. Slow growing, the tallest specimen in Ireland is a mature tree of 14 metres in Fota, Co Cork. However, with carefull trimming it could make an excellent tree for the small to medium-sized garden. 5 litre container, 200-250cms tall. Irish-grown plants. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops. (M, A)