Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Spectabilis'

'Spectabilis' yellow groove bamboo (12L)

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This hardy bamboo is often planted in Irish gardens, and it is one of the better choices. It tough and unfussy. Its foliage looks healthy and green for most all of the year. It has interesting, yellow-green canes with green markings. It also makes a good screening plant with the right balance of height, vigour and good looks. The canes can also sometimes have a nice zig-zag shape. Plant into well-prepared soil that is somewhat moist. Enrich with manure or compost where possible and make sure that the plant is regularly watered until well established. To keep the plant looking good you can remove smaller or weaker shoots at the base, as well as side shoots off the canes up to the desired height. Keep ultra-healthy by applying an organic fertiliser once or twice per year. Dense, healthy plants,+/-175-200cm tall in a 12L pot.