Air plants (larger)

Price: €4.95

Air plants are as easy an indoor plant as it is possible to grow. No soil, no pot, no roots.... They live naturally on the branches of trees in south and Southern America. Air plants live on moisture in the atmosphere, but they do need a weekly soak in rainwater or a light mist. Keep on a shelf or windowsill, or fix them to an old piece of driftwood or moss. They come in a series of shapes and sizes, and do even flower on occasion. There is always a good selection of them in our Monkstown shop.

Tips for caring for your airplant:

  • Keep indoors in a bright but not overly sunny spot
  • Use rainwater to soak them / spray them, but make sure it's at room temperature.
  • Ensure that they get watered weekly (soak for approx 10 mins)
  • Fix to a piece of driftwood, bark or moss.