Ground screw foundation for Biohort sheds

Price: €579.90
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Brexit update: due to increased shipping costs, Biohort prices will increase significantly in 2021. Place your order before 31 December 2020

A foundation solution for Biohort sheds without the need for concrete. ​​The ground screw foundation can be asssembled in on the spot just before assembling your shed.It consists of the following:

A) High grade (multiplex) plywood panels; top quality and weatherproof
B) Special designed foundation frame; constructed from aluminium
C) Ground screws; ensure stability and storm protection

Additional adapters can allow for uneven ground and slope angles. The integrated water barrier ensures no water will enter the shed. See the Biohort website for technical details. Some models, eg 'Leisuretime Box' and 'Storemax' do not require a foundation, just an even surface to sit on. Biohort products are delivered unassembled (kerbside only). Detailed assembly instructions are included. Free delivery throughout Ireland (32 counties). Allow up to 28 days for delivery.You can also order by phone. Experienced Biohort fitter / technician available: please contact us for details.