Pinus uncinata

Mountain pine

Price: €10.95

A great unusual conifer for a medium or large garden. It is a close relation to Pinus mugo and like most pines it has very good tolerance to seaside conditions. As an evergreen conifer, it can add structure to your garden, and as this plant matures it develops a dense pyramidal shape up to 15-20m in height. It has very dark coloured needles, which gives it its common name in Spanish: 'pino negro', the black pine. It is native to the Western Alps and the Iberian peninsula. The small cones are assimetrical and have very distinct hook-shaped scales, hence its Latin name uncinata. To keep it compact, snap off new growth (called 'candles') in late spring - do not trim them off as this will clog up your secateurs and leave brown, cut needles. Requires very little care, though water regularly while establishing. Plant in a bright spot in well-drained soil. ​3L pot, 30-40cm tall plant.