Petal bird feeder

Flowerbed feeders for wild birds

Price: €12.95

These charming and unique flowerbed feeders are designed for feeding wild birds in your garden. They can be used in lawns, flowerbeds, window boxes and planters or drilled into a fence post. Great to liven up the garden and feed the birds. They can be situated virtually anywhere in the garden or on balconies, but are best in amongst low flowerbeds, shrubs, pots and planters. An ideal garden gift for anyone with even the tiniest garden or balcony. The petal feeder is self assembly with the threaded steel stem in 3 sections and the ceramic bowl on top. All washers and fixings provided to secure flower to top of stem. Dimensions: H 70mm x W 140mm x D 140mm . Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.