Ferric phosphate slug killer

Slug and Snail Killer 'Sluggo Ultra'

Price: €16.50

Slugs and snails are a real pest for gardeners. 'Sluggo Ultra' pellets are long-lasting, effective slug control containing ferric phosphate which occurs naturally in the environment. Once ingested, the slugs cease feeding immediately and disappear underground to die. No slimy secretion is left, and there is no need to collect and dispose of dead slugs. Safe for pets and children and harmless to birds, earthworms, hedgehogs, bees and other common garden creatures. The 'Ultra' pellets are twice the strength of ordinary slug pellets and cover twice the area. To use, scatter pellets thinly around the base of plants.They are best if scattered early evening. Rain is not a problem - slugs prefer the pellets wet and the pellets will remain effective. Suitable for organic gardening and for use on all plants, including fruit and vegetables. 650g packet, suitable for 260 sq metres. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.