Malus domestica 'Charles Ross'

Apple 'Charles Ross'

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An apple variety with both beautiful flowers and fruit. In spring the large, pure white flowers appear, later followed by sweet, juicy, firm and lightly aromatic fruit which tastes similar to 'Cox's'. It can be used as an eating apple or in baking, as it retains its shape when cooked. The skin colour is greenish-yellow flushed and striped with red, with some russetting. It keeps well, but loses its flavour in storage. It is partially self-fertile, but is best grown with other apples in pollinator group 3 for better cropping, eg. 'Beauty of Bath', 'Gorgeous', 'Evereste' or 'Egremont Russet'. 5ft tall trees in a 10L pot. Please note: items displayed on this website may not be in stock in each of our shops.