Quercus ilex espalier

Pleached evergreen oak (4 foot stem)

Price: €350.00

Pleached trees make excellent screens for the garden, creating privacy, greenery and structure all at the same time. The height of the stem varies between 4 foot and 6 foot, depending on what is needed. These specimens have a shorter-than-average stem and a wide head, making them perfect for screening a height between 4 foot and 8 foot. They would be ideal for running down a wall that wasn't tall enough to give privacy between gardens where screening at eye-level was required. Dimensions (approx): Stem height 120cms. Frame / foliage: 120cms high x 120cms wide. Pot width 40cms.  These are an excellent value crop that will fill in quickly once planted. Evergreen oak is well suited to exposed locations, and also has good seaside tolerance. Maintenance will include watering to ensure they establish properly, and trimming once or twice per year to keep them at the desired height and width. Larger specimens are availble on request. Doorstep delivery in the Dublin area is included in the price. Planting service is also available: please enquire. Available to purchase/ order / view in our Monkstown branch.