Seed choosing time- January 2020

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January can be dull and dreary, but the days are getting brighter and it is time to start planning the garden, especially which seeds you want to sow this year. Both our Airfield and Dunboyne shops now have a great selection of Thompson and Morgan seeds available including herbs, peas & beans, organic seeds, plants for pollinators, flowers and vegetables. 

Our favourites are:


  • Lemon balm- Use for tea or stuffing
  • Wasabi rocket- A wasabi taste in an easy to grow salad
  • Borage- The flowers add great colour to salads
  • Lemonade basil- Can be grown in a sheltered garden and has a hint of lemon flavour

Plants for pollinators

  • Cosmos 'Cupcakes Mixed'- Unusual flower shape with fused petals
  • Nasturtium 'Whirlybird Mixed'- Flowers can be added to salads and green seeds can be pickled
  • Stock 'Virginia Mixed'- Easy to grow filler plant with scented pastel blooms

Beans and Peas

  • Dwarf bean 'Teepee'- A purple bean
  • Pea 'Rondo'- Heavy cropping pea
  • Climbing bean 'Firetongue'- Can be eaten young or mature and has splashed reddish seeds and pods
  • Broadbean 'Aquadulce Claudia'- Early cropping broadbean which can be sown in autumn or from January. 

Organic seeds

  • Beetroot ' Detroit 2'- Deep red tasty beetroot
  • Courgette 'Black Beauty'- Reliable harvest over a long period
  • Carrot 'Early Nantes'- Easy to grow with a sweet crunchy taste
  • Butternut squash 'Waltham'- Autumn variety with a typical butternut squash shape

Flower seeds

  • Californian poppy 'Rose Chiffon'- Semi-double frilled flowers 
  • Cosmos 'Lemonade'- A unique yellow cosmos, perfect for cutflowers
  • Nasturtium 'Black Velvet'- Deep red-black flowers
  • Nasturtium 'Orchid Flame'- Exotic looking flowers that change colour over time
  • Poppy 'Hensol Violet'- Mauve Himalayan Blue Poppy 
  • Sunflower 'Russian Giant'- A giant sunflower, easy to grow especially good for kids
  • Sweet pea 'Heirloom Mixed'- Highly scented mix dating back to the 16th Century
  • Wildflowers 'Cornfield Mixture'- A mix of native and non-native wildflowers


  • Carrot 'Sweet Imperator Mix'- 5 colour carrot mix
  • Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa'- Deep red frilled leaves, great for containers
  • Chilli pepper 'Spangles Twilight'- Attractive flowers and colour-changing, strawberry-shaped chillies with mild heat
  • Radish 'French Breakfast 3'- Crisp, crunchy radishes with a mild flavour, easy to grow
  • Salad leaves 'Oriental Mustards'- Use as a salad or in stir fries
  • Swiss chard 'Bright Lights'- Decorative, tasty vegetable. Use in salad when young or as spinach when mature. 
  • Tomato 'Gourmandia'- Beefsteak tomato with a long harvesting period and large tasty tomatoes for indoor or outdoor growing
  • Tomato 'Ildi'- Sweet, yellow, pear-shaped fruits in bunches. Lots of fruit all summer, even outdoors!
  • Kalettes 'Mixed F1 Hybrid'- A cross between kale and Brussels sprouts. Rosettes of purple leaves, perfect for stir fries or salads

If you have any questions about seed varieties, seed sowing or what you can grow in even a tiny space, come in and have a chat with our knowledgeable staff.