Amelanchier canadensis

Canadian serviceberry/Juneberry/ Snowy mespilus

Price: €19.95

A dense, upright shrub with all year round interest. White flowers cover the branches in spring, before the leaves come out. The fruit matures from red to purple-blue-black and can seen between the green, oval leaves. When the fruit ripens it can be eaten, but is quite bland, unless used in preserves, which is popular in its native Canada and America. It is best grown in a woodland setting, where it can thrive, as it tend to sucker. It does not like alkaline soils, a neutral to acidic soil is best. In autumn, the leaves go a bright orange or red, when the nights get colder. Eventual height 8m x 4m wide. 4-5ft tall plants in a 3L container. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.​