Roll out lawn / Grass sod

Price: €4.95
Delivery only in Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare or Meath.

Top quality roll out grass, locally grown, and delivered throughout the Dublin area. Harvested every day, so your order is completely fresh. Grown using top quality grass seed mixes, for hard-wearing, good-looking grass. Can be installed year-round, winter or summer. Perfect for DIY installation: no specialist skills or tools required. Prepare the ground: dig it, fork it, rake it, smooth it. Remove roots and weeds, or they will grow back through the new lawn. When it is smooth, roll it out, butting one edge against the next one. When finished, water well, try not to walk on it, watering every few days if dry. Give it its first cut (quite high) after about ten days. Subsequent cuts can be a little lower. Feed it after a 2 or 3 months with a lawn feed. Approx sod dimensions 406mm wide x 2067 mm long x 13mm thick. If you need to adjust the levels or improve the drainage, you can apply a thin layer of 'rootzone mix' to your topsoil, below the roll-out lawn. Measure you lawn in metres. Multiply the square metres by 1.2 to convert into square yards. Submit the number of yards you require in the order box.

  •  See our detailed instructions on how to lay a lawn.
  •  Minimum order 20 square yards/ rolls,
  • €30 delivery charge per order for bulky items, regardless of how much or what item is ordered.
  • Please note: delivery can take up to one week. we will indicate delivery period on receipt of your order.