Ficus 'Amstel King'

Indoor fig 'Amstel King'

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Figs have long been a popular house plant. This is because thay are tough, adaptable and generally easy to look after. This variety has long thin leaves and grows as a columnar small tree. Figs cenerally don't like being moved around, and they often go through a period, after moving into their new homes, when they shed quite a few leaves. Be sure not to over-water (especially in winter months). That means that the compost should feel dry on top after a few days, but the plant should not be dessicated right the way to the bottom of the pot. When it's warmer and brighter, you can water about twice as often. Situate in a relatively warm, bright to medium-light location. Plant is +/-110cms (130cms inc pot). Pot diameter +/-27cms. Please note: decorative pot is not included.