'Fern' pot, 3 sizes

Price: €7.95
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Beautiful glazed ceramic pots for your indoor plants, available in 3 sizes. Gorgeous glaze, colours and textures in this delicate, well-made pot. Three feet keep them stable and allow air circulation beneath them, meaning no stainig on your furniture.The small size can be used for little house plant in pots up to 6cms wide. The medium sized can be used for plants in pots 8 to 10cms wide. The largest can be used for larger orchids, ferns  or any indoor plant. Many people prefer to keep their indoor plants in their plastic pots, and to drop them into ornamental pots without holes. Just make sure that you check water doesn't build up in the bottom of the pot, ans this is't good for many houseplants.  Use gravel or grit if you need to adjust the height on the inside.

  • Small, 7cms wide x 10cms high (approx external)
  • Medium, 12cms wide x 12cms high (approx external)
  • Larger,19cms wide x 18cms high (approx external)