Our own garden in County Wicklow

(2012) Four years ago this was a small field in a valley, bordered by a stream on one side and deciduous woodland on the others. With heavy clay soil, the site is wonderfully secluded, sunny and sheltered, and our we have tried to merge house, garden and surrounding site in as natural a way as possible.

Tulip 'Pricesse Irene' comes back year after year and turns from yeallow to orange. Very long-flowering.

Outdoors from indoors

Outdoors from indoors. If you're not in your garden for much of the year, it's still a big part of your life!

Deckchairs in the garden

Deckchairs on the lawn.

Annual flowers from seed include Poppies, Cornflowers and Cosmos (Nove-flore 'Passion' mix)

Luzula nivea

Luzula nivea (Snowy woodrush) planted en masse on the shady side of the house.

Long shadows in late summer sun.


Paths through unmown grass are an excellent way to reduce mowing..... and pretty too.

Valerian growing wild along the stream.

Poppies thriving: all from one packet of Nova Flore flower seeds (Passion Mix).