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Carpenteria californica 'Bodnant'

Tree anemone

Price: €18.95

A rare and most attractive evergreen shrub. Carpenteria is excellent for growing against a sunny wall and has cup-shaped, fragrant white flowers in early and mid-summer. It is hardy, but should be out of strong or drying winds and protected from severe frosts - therefore best in a sheltered spot facing south or west. The very fragrant flowers are similar to an Anemone, and the glossy leaves are attractive in their own right. Plant in full sun in well-drained but not dry soil. Little pruning necessary, but remove oldest shoots from the base if a plant needs rejuvenation. Size when grown: 150 cms high x 150 cms wide. 3 Litre pot.

Romneya coulteri

California tree poppy

Price: €18.95

A most sought after plant with large white poppy-like flowers. Romneya coulteri has huge, floppy white flowers in summer, and grey-green foliage. It prefers poor, well-drained or gritty soil. Once established, it needs plenty of space as it can spread to be over 3m wide and a couple of metres tall. It will not tolerate damp or wet soil. Can be cut down to soil level in early spring after one or two years. Not always an easy plant to establish, and notoriously hard to propagate - hence the highter-than-average price tag. We are fortunate to have a supplier of Irish-grown plants, who grows them in very limited numbers.  3 litre container.

Cool colours

'Sunny & Dry' planting scheme

Price: €49.95

This is a great combination of plants for a sunny spot - ideal for well-drained soil.

A mix of 5 perennials and 1 ornamental grass, it uses shades of blue, purple, pale yellow and has a variety of interesting textures.

  • 1 each of: Stipa 'Pony Tails', Eryngium, Anthemis, Salvia, Scabiosa and Nepeta
  • Coverage 1.5 - 2 sq. metres
  • Plant with: Small tree or shrub such as Olive, Rose, Bay or Cistus

For larger ares we would recommend purchasing this scheme in a multiple so that a greater area can be filled. It can be arranged in different configurations - along a path, in a mass or dotted amongst existing plants. There is no 'correct' arrangement, and in fact we think plants work well when placed almost randomly! None of this 'short at the front, tall at the back' stuff. In this scheme, we do recommend that the Nepeta goes towards the front and has more space than other plants as it can push other plants out of the way. Most of these plants should be cut back in late winter / early spring to a couple of inches above ground level. The soil should be mulched with compost / fine-grade bark / well-rotted manure. The only plant which should not be cut back is the Stipa (the grass), which should have old growth pulled out of it / thinned.

  • Phyllostachys nigra
Phyllostachys nigra

Black bamboo

Price: €58.95

Our black bamboo plants are available in two sizes: extra large bamboo plants are also available. 'Black bamboo' is an elegant bamboo with glossy, BLACK stems and narrow  green leaves. Its black stems have made it one of the iconic garden plants, and it grows well in the Irish climate, provided it has some shelter from strong winds - particularly easterly winds in winter and spring. Remember to keep bamboos well-watered, particularly if they are recently planted. Once established, they tolerate most soils, but require some moisture and benefit from organic matter such as compost. Remember, bamboos do lose some of their leaves every year. They can grow to 5 m, though they normally attain 2 - 3 m in this climate. Can make a fine screen.  See more options for screens and hedges... 

Sizes available: Regular: 10-12 litre container /175-200 cms tall. Large: 18-20 litre container / 200-250 cms tall. Please contact us if you have any queries as we can supply this bamboo in various sizes upon request.