Air plant (regular)

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Air-plants or 'atmospherics' as they are sometimes known as, are epiphytes. Ephipytes are plants that live without soil, and that gain nutrients and water from the atmosphere. They are all part of the species Tillandsia and for the most part are native to the Southern parts of the United States, Mexico and South America.The most well-known of the Tillandsias is Spanish moss, or Tillandsia usneoidesTillandsia make wonderful houseplants, as they can live anywhere, be it on a shelf, in a glass bowl, pinned to a bit of bark, or hanging from a piece of string. They require a bright position and regular misting, or the occassional 5 minute soak in non-chlorinated water (rainwater is best). Average size approx 7-10cms.  Read more about caring for indoor plants. Please note, items displayed on this website may not be available in each of our shops.